eQval – European Quality Standards in Validation of the Learning from Volunteering

The project aims to define quality standards in order to facilitate the identification, promotion and development of good practices in the field of validation of the learning from volunteering.

Financier: European Commission – Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices
  • Spanish Volunteer Platform (Spain) – Lead partner
  • CESUR (Spain)
  • Munster Technological University (Ireland)
  • Centre for European Volunteering (Belgium)
  • CSVnet in cooperation with Vol.To – Volontariato Torino ETS (Italy) 
  • Portuguese Volunteer Confederation (Portugal)
  • Psitest (Romania)
– definition and dissemination across the EU of the “European Quality Standards in Validation of Learning from Volunteering”
– production of a manual, in six languages, to facilitate the adoption of the “European Quality Standards in Validation of Learning from Volunteering” across the EU
– organisation of the European Award in Validation of Learning from Volunteering
– presential and online multiplier events in 6 different countries;

Time and Location: a total duration of 30 months (January 2023 – June 2025) including the multiplier events in 6 countries (Spain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Romania) – In progress

Beneficiaries: volunteers, voluntary organisations, higher education institutions, vocational education and training providers, adult education providers, enterprises, and public administrations

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