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Vol.To: the Volunteer Support Centre of Turin

Volontariato Torino Vol.To ETS is a second level association recognized. Not-for-profit and inspired by the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity, Vol.To ETS aims directly or through agreements and conventions with other associations or public or private entities, to support, promote and qualify the voluntary activity, through the provision of services in favor of voluntary and non-profit organizations operating in the territory of the Metropolitan City of Turin.

Vol.To ETS is a non-partisan, non-denominational, democratic structure and, inspired by the principles of subsidiarity and pluralism, pursues civic purposes, solidarity and social utility having as its object the promotion and dissemination of solidarity, inclusion and social cohesion and active citizenship, the activation of responses to the needs of citizenship to promote the development of the territory; Vol.To ETS also works to promote and strengthen the culture of volunteering and the presence and role of volunteers in the institutions of the third sector.

Vol.To ETS with its activities offers the opportunity for citizens and businesses to live fully the experience of solidarity: it helps aspiring Volunteers to find the right organization; it makes available the services of Eurodesk and brings those who want to the European Solidarity Corps; it deals with Corporate Volunteering; it tailors the statute and accompanies the entities of the Third Sector in the registration to the Registers; it helps to design Civil Service projects and to choose the best young people for their fulfillment.

Vol.To ETS, as per its statute, also performs the function of the Volunteer Service Center of the province of Turin. According to the Code of the Third Sector (D. Lgs. 117/17), issued following the 2016 reform (L.106), Vol.To ETS as a Service Center for Volunteers, financed through FUN (Fondo Unico Nazionale) and fed by the annual contributions of the foundations of banking origin, supports and qualifies the activity of Volunteers by managing and providing technical support services, training and information in order to promote and strengthen the presence and the role of volunteers in all entities of the Third Sector in the province of Turin. The CSV Vol.To ETS is inspired by the principles of quality, affordability, territoriality, universality, integration, publicity and transparency.

Vision and Mission

The society that Vol.To ETS imagines and proposes is a space in which passion and participation are the engine for the construction of a society in which individuals can get to know each other, understand each other and collaborate and in which differences are a source of wealth and social development.

Vol.To ETS therefore contributes every day so that the distinctive traits of Volunteering – gratuitousness and self-giving, trust and reciprocity, passion and spirit of initiative, attention to the other and responsibility – spread throughout society and also become a guide for individual and collective choices. The belief on which Vol.To ETS’s action is based is that Subsidiarity is an essential tool with which people’s freedom is strengthened, even in the relationship with the institutions, by building actions aimed at the Common Good.

Vol.To ETS is at the service of the Volunteers and works so that they are:

  • increasingly aware of their role in building the common good;
  • protagonists in the definition and implementation of local welfare policies;
  • trained to best accomplish the mission they have assigned themselves;
  • free from constraints and duties that limit their action;
  • adequately supported by tools and equipment that make their commitment easier.

European Projects

Active projects in which Vol.To ETS is involved:

Past projects in which Vol.To took part: