Neon – Not Excluded from Our Neighbourhood

Neon – Not Excluded from Our Neighbourhood
Financier European Commission  – European Solidarity Corps – Solidarity Projects
Partnership Vol.To – Italy
Time and Location 30 September  2020 – 31 December 2021 – Italy (Turin) In progress
First-Level Beneficiaries Young people
Second-Level Beneficiaries No profit organizations
Educational institutes
Emerging artists
N.E.O.N. project was born to improve some criticalities in the area of “District 5”, a Turin suburb. Here the foreseen actions of the project:

1) Gathering a documentary collection of photos to map the degraded places of the neighborhood or the graffiti containing hate messages;
2) Analysis of the collected material and creation of possible creative responses to the hate messages;
3) Organizing moments of aggregation and laboratories to create the multifaceted artistic answers planned during the analysis phase;
4) The artistic answers will be presented during a final event open to the public. The event will serve as a launch for active citizenship initiatives and for an innovative social involvement app.

Extra information https://www-new.volontariatotorino.it/neon/

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