Youth Courage – You are part of the solution!

Youth Courage – You are part of the solution!

Empowering young, marginalised youth to reconnect with their social support system and facilitating personal growth to enable more active citizenship and solidarity

Ente finanziatore
 European Commission – Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic partnerships for innovation and exchanges of good practices
  • Jugend am Werk – Austria (Lead partner)
  • Auxilium – Austria
  • Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Limited – Ireland
  • Univerza na Primorskem, Università del Litorale – Slovenia
  • Volonteurope – Belgium
Periodo e luogo di realizzazione
1st May 2022 / 31st May 2024 – Italy (Torino), Austria (Graz), Slovenia (Koper – Capodistria), Ireland (Kells), Belgium (Brussels)
In progress
Beneficiari di primo livello

Young people
Youth worker (animators and educators)

Beneficiari di secondo livello

Not-for-profit organisations;

Project aimed at reactivating marginalised young people who lost contact with their support system during the COVID pandemic. It is planned to carry out a survey on how young people are coping with the pandemic after its most acute months, to create guidelines and an escape game to “recover youth courage” in facing life and finally a handbook of recommendations to policy makers in this area.
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