VTI – Volunteering as a Tool for Inclusion

VTI – Volunteering as a Tool for Inclusion


Financier European Commission – LLP Grundtvig
Partnership ●    Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations – Slovakia
●    Volunteer Ireland and Dublin City Volunteer Centre – Ireland
●    Frivilligcentre og Selvhjælp Danmark (FriSe) – Denmark
●    ÖKA National Volunteer Centre – Hungary
●    Volunteer Centre Osijek – Croatia
●    PRO VOBIS National Volunteer Centre – Romania
●    Brīvprātīgais.lv – Latvia
●    VSSP (now Vol.To) – Italy
Time and Location 2014-2015
Slovakia (Stupava), Ireland (Dublin), Denmark (Aalborg), Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Osijek), Romania (Cluj-Napoca), Latvia (Aizpute), Italy (Turin)
First-Level Beneficiaries ●    Volunteer associations.
Second-Level Beneficiaries ●    Volunteers
●    People experiencing poverty, hardship and marginalisation
The VTI project improved the social inclusion of disadvantaged and marginal groups in the partner countries thanks to volunteer activities. Volunteers were worried about involving people with disabilities, old or marginalised. The sharing of good practices and joint basic rules helped to include these categories of volunteers.

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