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VOLMANEL – Volunteering Manager E-Learning


Financier European Commission – LLP Leonardo
Partnership ●    PNE Group – United Kingdom
●    E.N.T.E.R. – Austria
●    Vsl Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras – Lithuania
●    VSSP (now Vol.To) – Italy
●    Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu – Poland
Time and Location 2012-2013
United Kingdom (Newcastle upon Tyne), Austria (Graz), Lithuania (Ežero), Italy (Turin), Poland (Katowice)
First-Level Beneficiaries Volunteer managers
Second-Level Beneficiaries ●   Volunteers;
●   Volunteer associations
The main idea of the Volmanel project was to identify and improve the skills of the volunteer managers to promote integration and learning in social contexts.
Extra – Informations ●

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