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EvolYou – European senior Volunteering through mentoring for the social inclusion of Young people in difficulties


Financier European Commission – Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic partnerships for innovation and exchanges of good practices
Partnership ●   Vol.To (Lead partner) – Italy
●   Immaginazione e Lavoro – Italy
●   Seniors Españoles para la Cooperación Técnica – Spain
●   Echanges et Consultations Techniques Internationales – France
●   Association Generale des Intervenants Retraites – France
●   Office Technique d’Etudes et de Coopération Internationales – France
●   The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services – Belgium
●   Senior Experten Service – Germany
●   Nestor Partners RY – Finland
Time and Location 1 October 2019 – 31 January 2022 – Italy (Turin), France (Lyon and Paris), Spain (Madrid), Belgium (Bruxelles), Germany(Bonn), Finland (Helsinki) Completed
First-Level Beneficiaries ●   Youth at risk of marginalisation
●   Senior volunteer mentors
Second-Level Beneficiaries ●   Institutions of professional education
●   National confederations of craftsmen and SMEs
EvolYou project concerns the connection between people who have difficulties in entering the labour market and people who come out of it successfully. The purpose of the project is to reduce the education differences in young people from 15 to 30 years old at risk of marginalisation with the help of senior volunteers who decided to make available their knowledge, skills and competencies obtained during their careers. The partnership involves nine organizations in six different European countries, committed in the creation of a Methodological Manual, in carrying out a Didactic Experimentation and in writing a Recommendations Paper for decision makers about improvements to be done in the mentoring policies.
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