BfR – Breakthrough for Resilience


Financier European Commission – Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic partnerships for innovation and exchanges of good practices
Partnership ●   The Surefoot Effect – Scotland, UK (Lead partner)
●   Volontariato Torino Vol.To – Italy
●   Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health – Greece
●   Mobilizing Expertise – Sweden
Time and Location 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2022 – Italy (Turin), United Kingdom (Stirling), Greece (Athens and Amfissa), Sweden(Lund) In progress
First-Level Beneficiaries Young people and adult interested in resilience;
Experts in sustainability, psychology and social sciences.
Second-Level Beneficiaries No-profit organizations;
The project promotes the exchange of good practices related to resilience of people, places and communities. The participants will create a shared European manual and some videos telling about successful resilience practices in the above mentioned fields. These examples will be also presented through some workshops, which will be facilitated by young trained facilitators.
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