AWAKE – Aging With Active Knowledge and Experience

AWAKE – Aging With Active Knowledge
and Experience


Financier European Commission – LLP Grundtvig
Partnership ●    Centre for Senior Citizen Initiatives – Poland
●    VSSP (now Vol.To) – Italy
●    Lithuania Adult Education Centres Leader Association – Lithuania
●    Asociata Educatia de a Lungul Intregii Vieti – Romania
●    Asociación De Mujeres Por Un Envejecimiento Saludable (Ames) -Spain
●    NGO Education innovations transfer centre – Latvia
Time and Location 2011-2013
Poland (Poznań), Italy (Turin), Lithuania (Siauliai), Romania (Târgu Jiu), Spain (Madrid), Latvia (Jelgava)
First-Level Beneficiaries Adults and elderly people
Second-Level Beneficiaries Volunteers
The A.W.A.K.E project promoted a sharing of good practices and experiences to improve mobility and lifelong learning in people over 50 years old with a specific focus on non-formal and informal learning.
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