About us

Vol.To: the Volunteer Support Centre of Turin

Volontariato Torino – Vol.To is the Volunteer Support Centre of Turin, an umbrella non-profit organisation with 158 member organisations and a network of more than 1,300 associations, to which our Centre provides services according to the National Third Sector Law (article 101, comma 6, D.lgs. 117/17 approved on July 3rd 2017). Vol.To merged the experiences and the staff from V.S.S.P. and Idea Solidale – the two former Volunteer Support Centres of Turin – and became one of the five biggest Volunteer Support Centres in Italy. Vol.To is also an active member of CSVnet, the Italian National Coordination of Volunteer Support Centres.

Vol.To works to provide free services (such as training, consultancy, planning, communication etc…) to assist associations based in the metropolitan city of Turin. Thanks to its key position within the volunteering network in Turin and in Italy, Vol.To aims at generating new opportunities for the territory.

Vol.To can count on more than 20 people of staff and 11 local offices in the whole metropolitan city of Turin (2,259,000 inhabitants). In 2019, a total of 17,343 requests for services were accepted by Vol.To and provided to 1,034 Third Sector Entities (ETS). Furthermore, 342 informal groups of citizens asked Vol.To information about the establishment of new associations; 9,797 volunteers belonging to Third Sector Entities took part in training courses, workshops, webinars or used workstations at Vol.To headquarters to organise meetings and activities; 25,148 citizens got in touch with Vol.To through participation in events organized by associations at Vol.To venues, through participation in “school and volunteering meetings” (e.g. students), or by carrying out activities inside organisations affiliated with the Court of Turin; finally, over 120,000 people participated in volunteering events promoted by Vol.To in cooperation with public and private profit and non-profit organisations in the area. 

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a future in which the distinctive features of volunteering – gratuitousness and self-giving, reciprocity and trust, passion and spirit of initiative, responsibility and care for each other – will be a guide for an individual and collective challenge.

Our Mission is to qualify and support volunteers in order to enable them to seize opportunities and take individual paths of development. For this purpose we develop projects to increase the interest in voluntary work as well as we build tailor-made learning paths based on the needs of volunteers.

European Projects

Active projects in which Vol.To is involved:

Past projects in which Vol.To took part:



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